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Religious Education Promotes Learning across the Lifespan

Religious Education Promotes Learning across the Lifespan

The Religious Education program is dedicated to growing community and to cultivating wisdom, faith and ethical living. It is a lifespan program, committed to the idea that spiritual journeys are ongoing from birth until death. There is always more to learn about ourselves, the world, and the spiritual paths we travel.

The mission of FUSN’s Religious Education program is to

  • value the ongoing search for truth and meaning in life;
  • cultivate strong moral character;
  • promote social justice;
  • learn about other religions; and
  • develop tolerance and respect for the different ways people express their spirituality.

New to FUSN?

An RE Class

Newcomers who are interested in religious education for children are welcome to drop in and visit Sunday classes. The first step is to stop in the Teacher’s Room or director’s office in the main hall for basic information. Signs in the hallways will direct you to the right classroom. For more information, contact:

Interim Director of Lifespan Religious Education: Mr. Barb Greve, Email: dlre [at] fusn [dot] org
Assistant to the IDLRE: Wendy Berenson, Email: reassist [at] fusn [dot] org

Lifespan Learning Programs

Infants and Toddlers

Infants and Toddlers Grow and Play in Community

Nursery care for infants and toddlers is available from 10:05 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. each Sunday. Our staff Early Childcare Coordinator and 2-3 paid youth care for and play with infants and toddlers while their families attend worship services. There is no formal curriculum for these children, but they enjoy a welcoming, warm, and calm space for play and adult attention.

Preschool Through Grade 2

Preschool through Grade 2 Students Ask “Who Am I? What Do We Believe?”

While Preschool and Kindergarteners explore who they are and become familiar with basic tenets of Unitarian Universalist, First and Second graders explore the covenant that bonds Unitarian Universalist congregations to one another and begin to embark on their life-long pilgrimage of faith.

Grade 3-5

Third, Fourth, and Fifth Graders Ground Themselves in Unitarian Universalism

Through building a metaphotical toolbox of fatih, using mirrors to look inward and windows to look outward, third and forth graders reflect on the qualities of our Unitarian Universalist faith while fifth graders learn some of the greatest stories in the Hebrew and Christian scriptures, exploring their connections to Unitarian Universalist values.

Grade 6-7

Sixth and Seventh Graders Focus on Unitarian Universalist Identity

While the sixth grade class deepens students' sense of self, explores ethical situations and grapples with life's big questions, the seventh grade class explores decision-making from a Unitarian Universalist context.

Adult Religious Education

Adult Religious Education Addresses the Spirit, Heart, and Mind.

The mission of the Society’s Adult Religious Education program is to support adults in their spiritual journeys through a variety of programs and experiences that address the spirit, the heart, and the mind. In our liberal religious tradition, life-long learning is critical both to spiritual and intellectual development and to social action. Review course offerings for spring 2011.

Coming of Age Program Overview

“We have had to learn how to get along and forgive each other’s faults, give each other room to grow but always remember that we are not alone, we are together.”    ~ CoA Candidate

In almost all cultures around the globe there comes a moment in a young person’s aging that is marked as hir Coming of Age. Though the truth is that there is not one singular moment or magical year at which one comes of age. Rather it is a process, a becoming, a transformation that once completed is worthy of being honored in community.

Youth Group

The Youth Group is comprised of high school age youth (grades 9-12) who gather weekly for worship, fun, social action, and deepening relationships. It is an ongoing group that seeks to foster spiritual depth, clarify both individual and universal religious values and create a peaceful community on Earth. A part of the Unitarian Universalist youth movement, this group welcomes all high school students in our faith community.


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