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Bed & Breakfast Program

Members and friends who enjoy meeting people and would like to help FUSN make money may want to participate in the FUSN Bed & Breakfast Program. Participants agree to provide a bedroom, private or shared bath, and breakfast to fellow Unitarian Universalists for overnight stay in your house. The fee, usually between $60 and $100 per night, goes to the FUSN treasury. To participate, write or call coordinator Linda Rinearson at lindarino [at] rcn [dot] com or call her at 617-332-3780.

Book Group

The book group is open to everyone who wants to participate on a regular or occasional basis. The group meets in people's homes on the third Thursday of each month yearound at 7:30 p.m. Light refreshments are served. Books are selected in June and December for the next six months, and this list is published in the FUSNnews. Notices with the dates, book selections, and contact information for the host are published before each gathering.

Bridge Group

The FUSN Bridge Group plays every third Friday, starting as close to 7:30 as possible. They skip weeks where major holidays or FUSN events interfere. There generally are from two to six or seven tables but the number is limited to what the host house can hold. Snacks and beverages are potluck. Hosts provide coffee, water, ice, and paper goods, accept phone calls from players, and try to arrange sets of four. Pairs are taken on a first-come, first-served basis and hosts try to pair up singles.

CreationDance Performs at FUSN Services

Since 2005, FUSN has its own sacred dance company in residence, CreationDance, which creates meaningful dances contributing to several services, community celebrations, and performances throughout the year. CreationDance is a graceful ambassador of FUSN by bringing people to the FUSN services, and by dancing in a few other churches and venues in New England and in France as well.

Food Matters

Food Matters is a FUSN program inspired by the UUA study-action issue, Ethical Eating: Food and Environmental Justice.

Food Matters began with the Ethical Eating Study Group in 2009, using an anthology that explored such topics as corporate ownership of the food industry, environmental degradation as a result of agro-business, the exploitation of food workers, the impact of genetically modified foods, the importance of family farms and locally grown foods, and the inequitable access to healthy foods.

Men’s and Women’s Support Groups

A number of support groups for men and women exist within the church. Anyone wishing to join such a group should watch the newsletter for notice that a new group is forming or, better yet, notify a lay minister that you are interested. There may be a group attempting to form or the lay minister may be willing to begin the search for other members to join you.

Stewardship Campaign

The chair of the Stewardship Campaign (formerly Annual Canvass) is appointed annually by the trustees with advice from the past year’s chair, the chair of the Finance Committee, and the minister. A chair or chairs organize the campaign, usually beginning by setting up the volunteer structure in the fall, firming up the timeline, theme, and lining up the team of canvassers before year’s end. Canvassers form a cohort of members who meet, plan, and train together to achieve an important goal for the Society. Many new friendships are formed during the campaign.

Teaching in the Religious Education Program

FUSN's Lifespan Religious Education Program is cooperative, which means your willingness to participate is important. Learning and growing is inherent in teaching, so that teaching exists as a spiritual practice in and of itself. In the children's program, every parent is expected to teach one semester every two years and consider sharing their talents. Other FUSN adults are welcome and encouraged, of course, to share their time and energy in the young people's classes and activities. A teacher orientation begins each semester and ongoing support is provided.

Women's Alliance

The Women’s Alliance, a separate but affiliated organization of FUSN, is more than 100 years old. Over the years the alliance has offered programs to the whole community but especially programs of particular interest to women. In the past, it ran the Holiday Fair, collected equipment for Native American schools, distributed holiday food baskets in the community, provided financial support for intern ministers at FUSN, purchased much-needed big-ticket equipment for the kitchen, and the like.


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