First Unitarian Society in Newton

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Who We Are

The First Unitarian Society in Newton is a member of the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations. We seek to meet the religious needs of people throughout Newton and in neighboring communities. We are a lively, liberal congregation of about 350 adult members and over 200 children, nursery through grade 8. We strive to make FUSN spiritually nurturing, culturally diverse, and socially responsible.

The members of this society support the free and disciplined search for truth as the foundation of religious fellowship. We seek to cherish and spread the universal truths taught by the great prophets and teachers of humanity in every age and tradition. We affirm, defend, and promote the supreme worth and dignity of every individual and the use of the democratic method in human relationships.

We believe this church is part of the Church Universal, defined by a former minister of this society, the Rev. Dr. Clarke Dewey Wells, as "an institutional dream of a world, our earth, under justice and law and clean air, full of forgiveness, oranges, reconciliation; full of dancing and praise for the chance to be alive."

The congregation of the First Unitarian Society in Newton


FUSN Statement of Purpose

We come together in an open community that honors freedom of belief, to encourage spiritual growth in ourselves and our children, to share the wisdom of the many religious traditions, with reverence for the earth and in service to humanity.


FUSN is a Welcoming Congregation.




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