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Policies and Information Issuances

 Historically, documentation of decisions made by the Board of Trustees, the Church Council and, now, the Operations Council has been recorded in the minutes of meetings.  In order to make decisions of these bodies more accessible to FUSN leadership as well as the congregation the Operation Council is committed to assembling and displaying policies and information on the FUSN website.

Following is an initial list of policy and information issuances.  The first, 2010-01 Policy and Information Issuances, describes the format for preparing an issuance.  The next several are policy issues that came before the Board of Trustees or Operations Council in fiscal year 2009-2010.  These are not the only approved FUSN policies; others were in place prior to 2009-2010 and will gradually be assembled and posted here.  Each policy has a (.doc) and a (.pdf) link. The .doc versions are in the proprietary Microsoft Word document format, and may be useful for making edits to the policies. The .pdf versions are in the open Portable Document Display format, for which free viewers are readily available.

  • 2010-01 Policy and Information Issuances (.doc) (.pdf)
  • 2010-02 FUSN List Policies (.doc) (.pdf)
  • 2010-03 Media Release Policy and Form (.doc) (.pdf)
  • 2010-04 Cancellation of Services (.doc) (.pdf)
  • 2010-05 Written Information Security Plan (.doc) (.pdf)
  • 2010-06 Fundraising Policy (.doc) (.pdf)
  • 2010-07 Website Policy (.doc) (.pdf)
  • 2010-08 Policies Under FUSN's Governance Structure (.doc) (.pdf)
  • 2010-09 Independent Checking Accounts Policy (.doc) (.pdf)
  • 2010-10 Hiring From Within The Congregation (.doc) (.pdf)
  • 2010-11 Financial Reporting (.doc) (.pdf page 1, .pdf page 2)
  • 2010-12 Financial Policies (.doc) (.pdf)
  • 2010-13 Youth Protection Policy (.doc) (.pdf)
  • 2010-14 Newsletter and Order of Service Submissions (.doc) (.pdf)
  • 2010-15 Announcements During Coffee Hour (.doc) (.pdf)
  • 2010-16 Reserving Space (.doc) (.pdf)
  • 2011-17 Key Policy (.doc) (.pdf)
  • 2012-18 Policy on the Use of Sanctuary Space (.doc) (.pdf)
  • 2012-19 Use of FUSN Space for Advertising (.doc) (.pdf)
  • 2012-20 Rental for Events With a Community Purpose (.doc) (.pdf)
  • 2012-21 Policy on Conflicts of Interest For FUSN Social Actions Program (.doc) (.pdf)
  • 2012-22 Collection of Items on FUSN Property (.doc) (.pdf)
  • 2013-23 Board of Investment Policy (.doc) (.pdf)
  • 2013-24 Policy on Threats and Disruptive Behavior (.doc) (.pdf)


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