First Unitarian Society in Newton

Outreach Collections

How to Nominate an Organization for a FUSN Community Collection



Nominations will be evaluated in terms of the following criteria, which are listed in order of importance. Except for the first, none are requirements but are factors supporting a positive evaluation.

  1. Compelling Story: Can the project be described in a way that will inspire the FUSN congregation to give generously on the spot? Also, to what extent is it consistent with UU principles?
  2. Connections to FUSN Congregation: How is the project or organization related to the congregation (both current and past)?
  3. Concrete Impact of Funding: What can the recipient organization accomplish with the money raised (approximately $2,000 per collection)?
  4. Urgency: Is the need for funding particularly urgent or time-dependent?
  5. Capability: Is the recipient organization reliable and capable of achieving the intended results?
  6. Variety: Does the project contribute to a necessary variety in the Community Collection projects - in terms of geography (local, regional, global) and purpose? How recently has this organization been a recipient of a Community Collection donation?
  7. Inspiration: Does the inclusion of the project in Community Collections offer education or inspiration that encourages members of the congregation to further social action?
  8. Efficiency: What percent of the recipient organization's overall budget goes to programs (vs. overhead and fundraising)?


Soliciting Nominations

The Social Action Committee will solicit nominations for Community Collection candidates through announcments in the order of service and the Social Action newsletter, as well as posters and discussions at the Social Action table at Coffee Hour.


Information on Candidates

The following information will be requested initially for all candidates:
What organization will receive the funds?

  1. For what purpose will the funds be used?
  2. Who in FUSN is involved, and how are they involved? (Is there an opportunity for more participation by FUSN?)
  3. How urgent is this need, and are there any time constraints on it?
  4. What is the history and management of the recipient organization?
  5. What is the total budget of the recipient organization, and what portion of it goes to programs (vs. overhead and fundraising)?
  6. Are there any factors that could cause second thoughts about this organization?



Submissions may be made at any time but try to do so in early fall to make sure that the SAC subcommittee has sufficient time to consider your nomination for the current year. Questions and nominations should be submitted to Randy Block at davisblock [at] RCN [dot] com.