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How to Maintain the FUSN Web Site / Maintaining rotating banner images

Maintaining rotating banner images

By gregs - Posted on 12 June 2011

Image files used for the rotating banner on the home page live under


For example, to add a new image, "foo.jpg" to that directory, you might do 

scp foo.jpg fusnweb [at] fusn [dot] org:/home/fusnweb/public_html/sites/all/themes/marinelli/img/photo_banners/

You could also maintain files using the arvixe control panel,

The Right Way to maintain that directory is to a svn checkout of the site, or at least that directory, 

svn checkout svn+ssh://fusnweb [at] fusn [dot] org/home/fusnweb/svnrepos/website/sites/default/files/main_images .

add your file there, then do something like,

svn commit -m 'added image foo.jpg to photo_banners'

I don't know if there's an in-drupal method for maintaining the images.  That would be a good question for our consultants - whether there's an in-drupal filesystem interface. 


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