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How to Maintain the FUSN Web Site / How to Create a New Web Page

How to Create a New Web Page

By gregs - Posted on 23 October 2009

Go to the bottom of the right column, and find your sign in name

Click on Create Content

Click on Page
> Fill in Title.  Example: COA Events 2009-10

> Headline – that’s a 4-8-word sentence with action verb.
Example: Eight Graders Tackle the Ropes!

    > Open Menu Settings; in blue, click the arrow to open the options.

Menu link – what you want to appear on the dropdown menu and the site map; this should be very short – one or two words. Example: COA Events 

        Parent item – what you want it linked from. Example: RE Resources

Weight – I think zero is best, and then the terms will be alpha order.

> Privacy: the default is none since most of our pages are open to the public; select members only if it should be password protected i.e. board business, newsletter, something with members’ contact information.

> Body – Copy your text from a Word document or other software. Click the tiny icon with a large T on a yellow clipboard. Paste in text; click Insert.

> Edit with formatting tools pictures just above the text box.

> Paragraph – the text should automatically be saved as Paragraph [see drop down menu in the second row of icons on the left.

> Subheads – Highlight the subheads [if you have any] and select Heading 3.
> Adding web links

> Linking to a web page:

    •    Find the web page you want to link TO and copy its URL [whether inside the site or outside].
    •    Go back to your body text and highlight the text you want to BE the link.
    •    Click on the link button (looks like linked chain) in the formatting tools.
    •    Click in the Link URL box and paste the URL in.
    •    Click Insert.
    •    If you want to change the destination page, just click on the broken chain icon to get rid of the old one.

> Save: this secures your content.

> Preview: now you can see what the page will look like.

> View: You can see the layout.

Link to the mother page.
Every page will be visible in the drop down menus if you follow the steps above.  In addition, always link the new page into text on the next page up in the hierarchy. You may also want to crosslink to relevant pages throughout the site. For example, the About Us has daughter page, FUSN Media. So, you can see FUSN media in the dropdown menu, but it’s also linked page from About Us. Multiple links makes it easier to find information.


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