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How FUSN Is Managed

This congregation is a corporation wholly owned by its members and governed using a representative process with regular elections of officers, a set of By-Laws, an Annual meeting of the full Society, and the power to call the minister or ministers of its choice.

Governance History

In early 2006, the FUSN Board of Trustees began an examination of the society's governance structure. This examination led to the formation of a Governance Committee that undertook a thorough analysis of our membership, how we govern ourselves, and how our staff performs its work. This involved interviews with congregants, the staff and other area UU congregations, studies of various governance models, and the identification of three models for the Board to consider.  In August 2008, the Governance Committee produced a proposal for a major update to the long-standing governance model of FUSN. The FY2009 board analyzed this invaluable body of work and ultimately defined our current governance structure, including a policy-focused Board of Trustees and an Operations Council.

By unanimous vote at a special meeting of the members of the Society on March 17, 2013, the By-Laws were amended to reflect the updated governance structure.

Organizational Structure

The primary organizational structures of FUSN are the Board of Trustees, the Operations Council, the Steering Committee, and the Committees.


A set of By-laws created by members of the Society provides rules for governance of the society's affairs. A Bylaws Committee interprets the meaning and application of the bylaws and consults on changes.

Annual Reports

Each year FUSN publishes an annual report that includes updates from all of the committees and the Board.

Elected Officers

The Nominating Committee organizes yearly elections of officers.

Professional staff

FUSN relies on a small team of dedicated professional staff.


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