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How to Maintain the FUSN Web Site / FUSN Web Style Guide

FUSN Web Style Guide

By gregs - Posted on 23 October 2009

The guidelines are designed to create a consistent editorial format for the entire FUSN.ORG web site which will be be maintained by a growing number of community members. The guidelines are based on professional editorial and web standards. Please observe them on your own pages and prompt others to do so as well. Consistency will make the site easier to read and use by the entire community.


1. Use a headline on every page: 8 or fewer words, an active verb, make a key point, capitalize major words.

a. Example: "FUSN's Special Events Span the Year"

2. Use subheads on long pages: every 3-4 paragraphs on long documents; code them as H3 (see top left download menu in the body box). Same rules as headlines.

3. First paragraph on the page should convey the main idea. Then, if the reader gets no farther, you’ve made the key point.

a. Example: “Community life at the First Unitarian Society is enriched by special events throughout the year-and each has a different goal and flavor. They range from the purely social such as community breakfasts and the annual dinner, to fundraising such as the Holiday Fair, to those centered around social justice, such as the Youth Coffee House.”

4. Do NOT capitalize informal names of groups or titles. Ex: the board, the society, the council, the treasurer, etc. However DO capitalize formal names: the FUSN Board of Trustees, the Operations Council.

5. Do NOT use “our” or “we” in web writing unless you cite an author. You may intend to be inclusive but research shows that readers feel you have drawn a circle around yourself and excluded them. According to Mark Twain, “Only kings, presidents, editors, and people with tapeworms have the right to use the editorial "we."

6. Present information in chunks. Use short paragraphs and, generally, pages no longer than 800 words. Break ideas into smallish chunks so people can understand them quickly.


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