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Communicating with the Community

FUSN's new Web site launched in 2009.

News and information for members and friends of the society circulate in these primary ways: the  newsletter FUSNews, the order of service, the website and calendar, email lists, and FUSN's Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

You can find an archive of photos on the FUSN Flickr Photostream. For download access, webster [at] fusn [dot] org (contact the webster).


Publicize Your Event

Want to publicize a FUSN event to the community? Use this quick Event Outreach Checklist to get the world out.

Tips for events: learning how to set up audio recording and projectors.



The FUSNews is available electronically on the Web site or via email. It is published bimonthly through the society year and monthly during the summer. Members, friends, and people interested in learning more about the community are welcome to receive FUSNews. Contact the editor at office [at] fusn [dot] org to add your name to the list. If you feel you need a paper copy, please send that request to the same email address. Find the online version of FUSNews in Community Tools on the right side of web page.

The newsletter includes columns by the minister, the director of lifespan religious education, and the music director, as well as news on upcoming meetings and other society events. Written or emailed announcements must arrive in the administrator's office by 9 a.m. on the deadline day and will be included in the newsletter if space allows. The administrator cannot accept telephoned entries for the newsletter. Space does not permit the publishing of classified ads from members.

The FUSNews is normally send out via email on Wednesday or Thursday after the copy deadline. The newsletter covers events for the upcoming Sunday and the two weeks thereafter. The newsletter (with contact info deleted) is posted on the FUSN.ORG at the same time and is available to the public. The contact info for event organizers is on the emailed version and is available if you log in to the website on either the Leadership List or the Online Directory, both in Community Tools. Read the 2013-14 publishing schedule.

Editor: Fran Clancy, office [at] fusn [dot] org


Order of Service

This program is distributed at FUSN services on Sunday mornings. To include an announcement, please email it to office [at] fusn [dot] org by Thursday at 9 a.m. for the upcoming Sunday order of service.

Editor: Fran Clancy, office [at] fusn [dot] org


Web Site

The FUSN web site contains text and photos that offer comprehensive information about the society, its history, and its programs. In addition, the Web site publishes an events calendar; sermons; the newsletter; minutes from the Operatons Council and Board of Trustees' meetings; and other major information such as contact information for committee chairs, board members, etc.

FUSN calendar: to book rooms and have your event placed on the FUSN calendar, contact office [at] fusn [dot] org or call the FUSN office 617-527-3203. Specify tht you want your event to run on the website's home page in the Upcoming Events column.

Newsletters are now available to the public since they are posted without personal contact information. Readers will need to refer to the online directory for email and phone numbers. Older newsletters contained personal telephone numbers and addresses. To read those issues, you must log in with your user name and password to access them. Check out the About this Site page to learn how to log in.

This website, debuted in fall 2009, was created by the FUSN Web Team.

Webster: webster [at] fusn [dot] org


Email Lists

The FUSN email lists are unmonitored and are open to any member or friend of the society.

The Business List, fusn-business [at] lists [dot] fusn [dot] org, is a society information-only list. Subscribers receive news/information directly relevant to the society and its members.

The General List, fusn [at] lists [dot] fusn [dot] org, is a vehicle for transmitting news, requests, opinions, and items of general interest. Messages range from requests for the names of plumbers and babysitters to suggestions for social action and jokes. Subscribers voluntarily observe the rules of generally accepted e-mail etiquette. The general list contains all the business list messages.

The Daily Digest compiles all the messages of the day and arrives about 9 p.m. each night. The subject lines and authors are listed at the top of the page. You can choose either the general digest, which includes both general and business emails, or the business-only digest.

Want to join a list? Email jud [dot] leonard [at] gmail [dot] com and specify which list you prefer.

List Manager: Jud Leonard, jud [dot] leonard [at] gmail [dot] com

Email List Policies

1. Users should assume that anything sent to the list may become public knowledge; messages on the list have shown up in local newspapers and right-wing blogs.

The list server software will not automatically redistribute messages unless the "from" address matches an address on one of the two lists. This keeps most spam messages from being propagated. There are some addresses on the list for people who have moved away, or whose connection to the community is remote, but who want to keep up with what's happening at FUSN.

2. Use of FUSN vs FUSN-business lists.

The distinction is that some people find the volume of messages on the general list (fusn [at] lists [dot] fusn [dot] org) distracting, overwhelming, or annoying, but still want to receive announcements of church events and activities. Those people are on the business list (fusn-business [at] lists [dot] fusn [dot] org).

So for most of us, most of the time we should send to the general list (fusn [at] lists [dot] fusn [dot] org). The exception is that we should use the fusn-business list when we're acting on behalf of the society to notify the community of fusn-sponsored activities or events. People are sometimes tempted to use the business list simply because it reaches more people; that's a mistake—it’s spamming.


Social Media

Connect online with FUSN folks. FUSN has two Facebook pages: you can join FUSN's Facebook group (and add your comments) or visit FUSN's official Facebook page to read news.


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