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Got an Event? Use this Checklist for Outreach

Planning a FUSN event is great, but you still need to make sure the FUSN community—and sometimes the public—knows about it. This checklist can help.

Questions? Email Webster [at] fusn [dot] org

N.B. What's an official FUSN event? Events sponsored by FUSN groups or staff, usually at FUSN.


FUSN Events for the Congregation

Draft a short notice about the event with key information such as who, what, when, where, and why it's interesting. Make sure the facts are correct and the space is booked with Fran, who will put it in the FUSN online calendar. Email this notice to these publications:

  • FUSNews (biweekly Tuesday 9 a.m. deadlines): send to office [at] fusn [dot] org
  • Order of Service (Thursday 9 a.m. deadline): send to office [at] fusn [dot] org
  • Website: send (10 days ahead) to Webster [at] fusn [dot] org
  • Facebook—official and group pages: send (10 days ahead) to Webster [at] fusn [dot] org
  • Business email list: send to fusn-business [at] lists [dot] fusn [dot] org


FUSN Events That Also Welcome the Public

If you want to submit information to local media, please akelley1467 [at] gmail [dot] com (email Andrea Kelley). She will step you through the process and reviews as needed. 


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