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CreationDance Performs at FUSN Services

CreationDance Performs at FUSN Services

Since 2005, FUSN has its own sacred dance company in residence, CreationDance, which creates meaningful dances contributing to several services, community celebrations, and performances throughout the year. CreationDance is a graceful ambassador of FUSN by bringing people to the FUSN services, and by dancing in a few other churches and venues in New England and in France as well.

CreationDance group

CreationDancers at FUSN

The company is intergenerational and composed of dedicated adults with strong Ballet and other Dance Technique and teen-agers and children with dance training.

While the passion is to share the joy of dance, spirituality and music with the larger community, the process is an opportunity to explore and create together dances with spiritual awareness, in a focused and constructive group,

“We love to create dances with a spiritual content, where dance can be experienced as a form of worship and spiritual practice. Inspiration can come from varied spiritual teachings and traditions, the services theme, suggestions from collaborators, seasonal celebrations, nature, music “ says Artistic Director Helena Froehlich. “While our basic dance training is ballet, we also use other dance techniques to create colorful pieces such as modern dance, historic steps, and folk dances."

Rehearsals meet weekly. Dancers who are interested in joining can contact the director at 617-818-4138 or email CreationDance99 [at] gmail [dot] com.

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Artistic Director

Froehlich is a faculty member at the Boston Ballet School teaching Adult Ballet classes, Modern, and Pilates mainly in Newton, MA. She is also an EMF Balancing Technique practitioner and Yoga for the Lattice teacher. Mrs. Froehlich has worked internationally as a choreographer, teacher, and dancer. She has worked with several companies and schools including Princeton Ballet School and American Repertory Ballet in the USA; Opera du Rhin and Centre National de Danse Contemporaine in France; and Peter Janssens Gruppe and Stadttheater Biberach in Germany. She founded CreationDance in France in 1999, where she received several prestigious grants for her choreographic work. Helena lives in Newton with her husband Juergen, and their children Tobias, Catheline, Tatiana, and Pascale.


Since its inception in France, CreationDance has had the privilege to work with professional composers and musicians. At FUSN, working with all the talented musicians, musical groups and directors is a wonderful opportunity for fruitful collaborations.

• Roberta Humez, music director emerita, supported CreationDance from the start.

• Throughout the year CreationDance collaborates with FUSN music director Anne Watson-Born, and the Sanctuary Choir

• Nancy Hair is CreationDance music advisor; international cellist and Suzuki teacher trainer rehearses with the company and plays in performances.

• Nathan Kimball cellist and ex-music Director at First Parish in Bedford.

• Lois Shapiro, international pianist and faculty at several colleges including Wellesley College, and Director of FIGCO collaborates with CreationDance.

• Amelia Leclair director of Cappella Clausura creates performances with CreationDance.

• Stephanie Rogers, pianist, official piano accompanist of several school choirs around Newton including Treble Singers.

• Learn more about music at FUSN.


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