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How to Maintain the FUSN Web Site / Adding sermon text to a service page.

Adding sermon text to a service page.

By gregs - Posted on 14 November 2009

Copy the text of the sermon from whatever document (email, word doc, etc.) you have into the "clipboard" using Edit/Copy with the text selected.

If you are adding the sermon text on or before the actual Sunday of the sermon, simply click the event in the "Upcoming Services" block, and you will be brought to the correct page. 

Otherwise, click on the "FUSN Calendar" link, navigate to the Sunday you are interested in, and click the event corresponding to the service in question.

Once at the page for the service in question, click the "Edit" tab, in the "Sermon text" box, click "Clipboard with a T in it", paste sermon text, click "Insert" button, and finally click "Save" button on bottom.


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