First Unitarian Society in Newton



Volunteer participation in church affairs is organized by committees—the lifeblood of the Society. To participate in an activity or specific task, find the committee chairperson responsible for that area and indicate your interest. If you would like to instigate a new project, go either to the committee whose activities seem closest to your project, or go to the Operations Council, for advice and help.

For contact information for individual committees, consult the Leadership List (available only to logged-in members).


Worship committee provides support to the minister’s development of worship programming and is responsible for lay-led services throughout the year—scheduling them, being responsible for their quality, and seeing to it that whatever the content, the service contains an element of spirituality.


Youth plans activities and events for junior- and senior-high-school-age FUSN members. This is a subcommittee of the R.E. Council.


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