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Volunteer participation in church affairs is organized by committees—the lifeblood of the Society. To participate in an activity or specific task, find the committee chairperson responsible for that area and indicate your interest. If you would like to instigate a new project, go either to the committee whose activities seem closest to your project, or go to the Operations Council, for advice and help.

For contact information for individual committees, consult the Leadership List (available only to logged-in members).

Green Sanctuary

The FUSN Green Sanctuary Committee currently exists for two main reasons. First, to provide information and support to the FUSN community by helping with the religious education program, the recycling program, energy management, and in other ways related to resources and the environment. Second, to follow the “Becoming a Green Sanctuary” framework laid out clearly by the UUA. To help with this goal, the UUA has created a manual and a several year process that the committee has now embarked on.

Historic Preservation

Historic Preservation collects, preserves, and shares information and materials related to the individual and institutional history of the First Unitarian Society in Newton. Its objectives are to:

Holiday Fair

Holiday Fair steering committee plans and oversees a Fair with two major goals: to provide a positive fellowship experience for the volunteers involved and to raise funds for the Society’s operating budget. The Fair involves the sale of goods that are donated, crafted, or cooked; supervised entertainment for children; and the preparation and serving of a lunch—all with a holiday atmosphere pleasing to members and the Newton community.

Holiday Trees

Holiday Trees committee plans and oversees the sale of evergreen trees with two major goals: to provide a positive fellowship experience for volunteers—especially men and their children—and to raise capital for the Society’s operating fund. The trees are sold for the two weeks preceding the December 25th holiday and during the hours of the Holiday fair.

Lay Ministers

The Lay Ministers at FUSN extend the reach of pastoral service and provide a web of caring within the FUSN community. The Lay Ministers can offer support and be sensitive listeners should one wish to discuss employment, relationships, family, health, or similar issues, and often they can suggest referrals to professional service providers.  See the Lay Ministers page for more information.

Leadership Development

The Leadership Development committee aims to support lay leadership in the FUSN community by providing mentoring and training.

Member Services

Member Services maintains a welcoming presence at coffee hour for visitors and potential members; obtains and offers excellent printed materials about the denomination and the Society, and manages the publication and regular updating of the FUSN directory. In addition, Member Services oversees the welcoming systems of the Society such as the wearing of nametags, the scheduling of welcoming suppers for new attendees, the new-member welcoming ceremony and service, and a number of other welcoming activities.


Memorial cares for the Memorial garden and makes arrangements for placing the cremated remains of loved ones in the niches in the Memorial Wall in the sanctuary and inscribing names on the granite tablet in the Memorial Garden.

Ministerial Intern Committee

The role of the Ministerial Intern Committee is to advise and assist the Intern during the two year period of the Intern’s appointment with the Congregation. By accepting a Ministerial Intern, FUSN has chosen to be a teaching congregation. As such FUSN works to help the Intern learn as much as possible about the spiritual, governance, educational and cultural aspects of our congregation during the two-year part time appointment.


Committee on Ministry maintains a liaison with the professional minister/s of the Society, with the lay ministers, and the Small Group Ministry, and works with those ministries to provide regular feedback, support, and assessment for their use and for the enlightenment of the Board and the Society.


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